Computer Bots, Content Filtering

How Computer Bots Are Used in Filtering Content

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Computer bots do not behave like real users. That is because they primarily run automated and repetitive tasks over the app or website at a higher rate than humans. As a result, they can inflate the traffic volume to a site and then skew the conversation metrics.

If you remove bots from your results, then the volume of traffic will decrease, including the total number of sessions or visitors.

Do you wonder how much traffic human visitors? Or are you curious how much traffic was computer bots? Today, you will learn how computer bots are being used in filtering content.

For example, you will be using Google Analytics to help you in filtering content and how much real traffic you have from that of computer bots. You need to set a checkbox in a filter. Google Analytics will then filter out the traffic from computer bots. From there, you will get a list of known bots.

Best Practices for Filtering Content

Several practices are worth considering when filtering content, including:

  • You need to make sure that the unfiltered property view in the property has zero filters, while not checking the box. In case there are some errors, you need to put your data in a pure state so that you can look at, go back or compare against with ease.
  • Make sure not to implement the action immediately in the main view. It is an excellent idea to put a new filter in the test view.
  • You can create the new test view that may reflect the main one in other ways. Then, it’s time for you to check the box.
  • If you are happy with the new computer bot filter according to the test, then you can proceed and implement it in your main view.

Many individuals and organizations make use of computer bots to filter content. That way, it’s a lot easier for them to protect their content against malicious bots and other security threats.

Computer bots can be used to block the use of malicious bots that may cause harm to your system or site. They will help you classify good content from malicious content.

Whether it is for persona reason or business purpose, filtering the content in your site or system is a great advantage. By doing so, you are fully aware of the potential threats and take appropriate action to prevent them.