Computer Bots, Dating Bots

Computer Bots and Dating Apps

cartoon of girl and robot in love

Dating apps have successfully streamlined the process of a date. You are free to choose the people you are interested in this app. If they find you interesting too, then they will have a good chat online. In case there’s a spark, you can easily set a date in real life.

Through dating app, it’s a lot easier for you to find someone right in the comfort of your home. All you need is a mobile device and a particular dating app. Regardless of the characteristics you are looking for, you will find someone whom you will be interested in for sure.

However, some programmers find the dating process too time-consuming. That is why they come up with developing computer bots that can help in either choosing or chatting for them.

Do not be surprised why some dating apps were already using computer bots. Now it’s time for you to discover how computer bots are being used on dating apps.

  • Automated Swiping

Computer bots can be used to access the dating app profile, where you can swipe on about 100 people a day. Then, the bot will help you decide whether or not it is attractive according to the profiles or Google images.

If you have finally found a match, you can tell the bot to take over the chat sessions with a man or a woman. In other words, computer bots are effective in improving your dating life with less effort or even doing nothing at all during the chat sessions.

  • Faster Conversations

Other than automated swiping, computer bots can be at the next level when used in dating apps.

After you downloaded an automation file, the bots can be programmed to perform some basic conversations with your matches. The bot may have up to 200 or more conversations at a time.

  • Reach The Audience Directly

Every dating app has target users, from teenagers, individuals who are in the mid-20s to professionals to even swingers and hookup enthusiast on free sex apps. With the help of bots, reaching the audience is much easier. Since some dating apps have sponsored ads that were sent to users who have in touch with the page, it is easier to create a subscriber list. These ads can be tandem with the bots for targeting high-intent users.

  • Saves Time and Money on Customer Care

No matter how professional and streamlined a dating app is, there are some instances that users will complain about something. So, this is where customer care enters the scene.

While users expect 24/7 customer care service availability, they still dislike waiting on hold. Not only, but users also tend to ask the same questions over and over again. Good thing, computer bots offer automation. So, no need for a customer service representative makes the users wait too long for action because the bots will do the job for them. As a result, the representatives can address the problems of other users.

As dating apps continue to be in high demand, programmers made the whole process much easier. Computer bots are now a significant part of dating apps, from app developers up to the users.