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1950's Japan Cragstan CO's Rare Spirit of St Louis Friction Plane with Original Box- Very rare Plane , this was actually a Cragstan Salesman Demo Toy in Pristine C-9+ condition with C-8 Original Box. This toy may not have made it to mass production so is a rare opportunity for any collector. See more detailed photo's at Auction Page 2


1960's Japan SCARCE Rosko Frankenstein Hand Bank with Original Box- Place coin by the front door & watch frankenstein's hand snatch the coin up ! Wind Up motor. Great sounds & action !! C-9 toy with C-9 Box RARE TOY especially to find in this condition!! SOLD

1950's Japan TN CO's Rare Large Version of Fox Magician - 9" version that performs 3 tricks instead of one that the smaller version performs . Excellent C-9 condition & works great ! Very tough toy to find ! SOLD

1950's Japan NGT CO's Rare Fox the Magician with Original Box - One of the nicest & most attractive Japanese vintage wind up toy. Wind him up & watch in amazement as Fox raises & lowers his arm magically making the bunny appear & disappear. Very Entertaining to observe ! The toy is in excellent C-9 condition with his C-8 original box. Box has some tape repairs on inside front but still displays excellent with vibrant colors. Operates as it should. SOLD

1950's Japan Inakita CO's Peek a Boo Kitty with Original Box- Delightful vintage wind up plush & tin toy. After winding the kitten she proceeds to Peek in & out of the basket. Very Charming toy in excellent C-9 condition with it's C-9 original Box. Sure to delight for only SOLD

1950's Japan Mikuni CO's Rare Sam the Strolling skeleton with rare Original Box- OK we snuck this WIND UP in with the battery toys but as this page is devoted to mainly Monsters This is a perfect compliment to any tin litho monster toy, especially the haunted house ! This toy is often found broken because of the fragile nature of the arms & legs but this example is in pristine C-9+ Condition with It's Excellent C-9 Original Box ! , Functions perfectly & Outstanding Box art sure to delight the monster connoisseur ! SOLD

1950's Japan Alp CO's Bruno the Spectacle Bear with Original Box- Charming wind up that wipes & lifts his glasses . The Original Nerd ! Excellent C-9 condition with Original C-8 Box Don't miss out ! SOLD

1950's Japan Y CO's Coffin Bank with Original Box- Awesome coffin that you wind up causing the skeleton to rise while his bony hand outstretches to snatch the coin that activates the mechanism . Excellent C-9 condition with C-9 Original Box. Available now for SOLD

1950's Japan S&E CO's Bear In Sports Car with Original Box- Scarce Friction car ( 1958 Corvette Style ) that has unusual inflatable bear driving. Not seen to often. Excellent C-9 Condition with Original Box  A superb example in pristine condition collectible for Toy, Corvette & Bear collectors alike ! SOLD

1950's Japan KO CO's Ali the Flying Carpet - Rare crank action all tin litho toy. Ali seemingly floats on his carpet hovering over his mid east empire. Toy looks & functions great. Overall excellent C-9 condition with bright clean litho. May have had a bottle originally in his hands. Not positive but nonetheless nothing is there.

1950's Japan TN CO's Knitting Cat with Original Box- Charming old vintage wind up, reminiscent of granny knitting some socks for the young kittens. Nice tin litho Base Overall in Nice C-8 condition with Original C-7.5 Original Box. Some minor fur loss at the ear. Functions as it should. Only SOLD

1950's Japan San Francisco Cable Car
with Original Box- The car is 7 in. long. The friction and bell work fine. All tin except for windows. The car has a few small, light scratches under one of the 504 nos. The Car & Original Box are in very good C-9 condition, complete with carrying handle. The box has a little bit of edge and corner rubbing. There are two ¼ in. tears on box flaps. Nice rare toy SOLD

1960's Japan Kanto CO's Grand Prix Racer in Original Box- Hard to find classic mini- indy style racer all tin with vinyl head construction. Excellent Like new C-9+ condition with his C-9 Original Box mechanism operates flawlessly.Bright vivid colors on tin & box. SOLD

RARE Wind Up Bubble Blowing Bear with Original Box- Unusual bear that is same size as some battery op bears ! Wind up bubble blowers are a rare find especially in the bear class !! . This example is in excellent C-9 condition with his C-7 original box. Where have you seen another ? SOLD

1950's USA Wyandotte CO's "Posse" Shooting Gallery with Original Box - This is a nice 15 " long, tin windup Shooting Gallery that is lithographed in red, blue, yellow and black. Toy is a complete shooting gallery that is in excellent C-9 condition comes with two dart guns, 3 darts in C-7 original box. Gallery beautifully lithographed depicts Indians, Robers, Stagecoach Holdup and Train Robbery. Operates fine. Only SOLD

1950's Japan NGT CO's Cameraman (CINE) Bear with Original Box- Very Rare early wind up bear the wind up version of the rare Cine Bear Battery toy. The camera is an early rubber material that amazingly survived intact. Works fine in C-9 condition & C-8 Original Box-Small stain on back of pants.  SOLD


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