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1950's Japan Bandai CO's Super Scarce Space Patrol Super Cycle with Repro Pilot & Box- Just a stunning space toy with Incredibly Original Style that has spawned countless copy cat toys mimicking the "deco"-futurstic vision of a space motorcycle. Beautiful colors & lithographed space details . Friction drive with sparking effect behind the red gels at the tail & side fins.  A pinnacle of any serious space toy collection. See more pictures on my auction page 9 . This example is in good C-7+ condition with a nice reproduction box, Original pilot & antenna & a reproduction dome.  CALL FOR PRICE

1950's Japan MT CO's SCARCE Space Patrol Vehicle- Incredibly Rare Space Toy that seldom surfaces. Not many details available as this does not appear in any books. Any Information on this toy is welcome. It is early and scarce, It has a strange action, you push down on the car which cocks the mechanism and then it goes along. Excellent C-9  condition & functions perfectly as it should !  Piston action is visible from the clear front panel. Beautiful lithography depicting classic space scenes, rockets & stars. SOLD

1960's Japan Y CO's Mr Robot with Reproduction Box- We typically do not offer many Mr Robots as they are generally in poor condition with many problems. This particular example however was too good to pass up ! Excellent dome with only some minor haze up towards the top, Bright eyes , Ears,  Blue face plate & shiny chrome trim ring around lower head. The color band in the head is intact not broken & completely around inner dome as it should be. Chest plate is nice & silver insert in clean & bright. Spotless battery compartment. Bright glossy paint with some minor scuffs on the edges. Overall good C-8condition with an Excellent Reproduction Box. All functions work perfectly however the internal light stays on after shutoff which is a good reminder to remove batteries ! This minor quirk does not affect performance at all. A very nice Mr Robot  SOLD

1950's Japan KO CO's Rare Mystery Moon Man Robot with a nice Reproduction Box- Hard to find Mystery Moon Man Robot which is finished in  bright White with unique blue plate & pink accents . One of the all time best skirted robots with the block head design. Moves with mystery bump & go action spinning antennas & lighted head. Makes a very cool space sound while the robot is in operation. The head moves from side to side as well. There were several different robots in this series,  Chief Robotman finished in gray,  Radical Robot is finished in blue, Mystery Moon Man finished in white & the Mighty & Smokey have different heads & actions. This example is in excellent C 9.0 condition with a nice Reproduction box & works perfectly plus is all original. SOLD

1950's Japan KO CO's Planet Robot with Original  Box- Difficult to find this rare Robby inspired robot especially with his rare Original Box ! Robot advances forward with spinning antenna & illuminated face shield Via Remote Control. This toy is excellent C-8.5 condition with excellent & rare C-8 Original Box. Functions as it should . Available now ! SOLD

1950's Japan Scarce Deep Sea Robot in Ultra Scarce Original Box- Extremely Rare Toy ( the rarest in this series ) & with ultra scarce original box. There is reportedly only 2 or 3 of the Original boxes for this toy known to exist . This toy is in spectacular C-9+ condition with an outstanding C-9 box. One end flap has a very tiny bit of clear tape you have to examine very closely to even see. A minor crease in the front & barely perceptible corner wear on 2 corners. Quite honestly the box is superb & the toy is fantastic maintaining a bright gloss on his silver & red litho finish. Clockwork mechanism is fine & the litho details like the face behind the divers helmet are crystal clear. We have very detailed shots on auction page #3. Toy is SOLD

1950's Japan Nomura's Rare Earthman with an excellent reproduction box- One of the classic vintage 50's astronaut, the earthman embodied all the qualities that exemplifies highly sought after Japanese vintage space toys. Fantastic litho & great imaginative actions. The astronaut walks forward & then raises his space rifle & zaps all those pesky alien critters . Operates via remote control.. This example is in very good  C-8+condition with an excellent reproduction box. Toy is 100% original Including remote  !


1950's Japan Linemar CO's Spaceman AKA Porthole Robot with repro box- The Spaceman or porthole robot is an extremely scarce toy that rarely surfaces but in the rare instances that it does, you almost never see it in this outstanding condition, let alone with any kind of box. The box art really captures the classic 1950's space era with its colorful astronaut & lunar landscapes. It is one of the best examples of box art I have seen.  The toy is all original & looks as if he was never played with. Operates perfectly walking with swinging arms & a bright light on the helmet. Robot comes with the blue colored remote. Condition excellent C-9.0 with a repro box!  SOLD

1960's Japan TN CO's Sky Patrol with Scarce Original Box- A great space vehicle all tin with nice lithography details & a nice tin litho pilot. Over 1 foot in size ! Moves with bump & go action & flashing lights & revolving gun. The toy is in excellent C-9.0 condition with a Scarce C-8 Original Box !  Functions perfectly as it should. Tough to find in nice shape like this.  SOLD

1950's Japan Daiya Co's Mars Jeep- Beautiful Friction powered Space Jeep with Highly detailed lithographed astronaut & nice two toned yellow accented side rockets . When operating the jeep rolls forward & backwards with radar dish & sparks emitted under dome like gels.  This exceptional rare space toy sold at the Griffith auction for $7200 but can be yours for less than 1/2 !  Condition excellent C-8+ Don't miss out ! You can see larger detailed photo's of the toy on our auction page 6 SOLD

1950's Japan MT CO's Rare X-9 Robot Car with Rare Original Box- Very difficult to find Robot Space Vehicle that moves with Bump & Go Actions & Pops Balls under the clear Dome Outstanding lithography on both Robot & Vehicle Excellent C-9 Condition with C-7.5 Box & operates perfectly ! SOLD

1950's Japan MT CO's Rare Scouting Rocket - Excellent & Rare highly lithographed friction rocket with 2 pilots under dome . Nice 1950's aqua color scheme . The rocket is in excellent C-9 Condition. Rarely seen & not even in large collections of Davidson, Wyse , Griff  Etc.


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