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1950's Japan Bandai CO's Super Scarce Space Patrol Super Cycle with Equally Scarce Original  Box & Pilot !  Just a stunning space toy with Incredibly Original Style that has spawned countless copy cat toys mimicking the "deco"-futurstic vision of a space motorcycle. Beautiful colors & lithographed space details . Friction drive with sparking effect behind the red gels at the tail & side fins. Because of the fragile nature of the driver it is believed only a handful of examples in the world survived with the pilot intact & perhaps only 3 or 4 Original boxes exist for this toy ! This example has his original Antenna & Both inside nubs to his ankles which could quite possibly be the only one in existence with this feature ! A pinnacle of any serious space toy collection . This example is in excellent C-9 condition with a C-8+ original box. Display Only

1950's Japan ATC CO's Scarce Florida Air Boat in Original Box- Very scarce toy. Seldom offered & almost never in original box. A similar toy was featured in an issue of Antique Toy World in 2001 showing scarce space toys from a major collection. If you have seen the various ATC Space Vehicles you know the majority were friction powered so to see a battery version of this toy is very unusual. The box is highly stylized yet unusual itself as no where on the toy is Florida depicted. Toy in outstanding C-9 condition with it's C-9 Original Box SOLD

1950's Japan ASC CO's Space Patrol-  Space vehicle finished in a nice Lavender Tin Litho Operates via friction mechanism which propels & retracts the hood mounted missile. The toy Operates fine. Nice litho details . Some minor oxidized spots. Detailed pictures are on the Auction Page 9 . A rare space toy .  Overall Good C-8 condition & operates well . SOLD

1950's Japan Nomura CO's Scarce Space Patrol Car- The Red Robby style Robot Drives with rotating lights around the machine gun. Moving with Bump & go action, robot "sweeps" the gun side to side. Very Cool !  The Vehicle is a nice 50's teal with lithographed rockets stars & planets. A very scarce & desirable toy.  The toy is all Original & in excellent C-9 condition. Battery box & underside look new & the rest of the car & robot are bright & shiny with minimal scratches & wear. SOLD

1950's Japan Cragstan CO's Very Rare Boy Version of the Astronaut with it's Scarce Original Box- Very tough to find the boy faced version of this astronaut especially with his scarce original box. Classic Dome style helmet complement the vintage skirted design. Extraordinary litho details enhance the red color. This is a wonderful toy to add to that high end robot & space toy collection ! The actual toy & box are pictured. The toy works with a wind up friction motor that propels his bump & go "mystery action". Crank missing but this is minor & common Beautiful C-8.5 condition Box is C7.5 bright clean graphics but a few tears also a small minor chip on the face shield otherwise very clean. SOLD

1930's USA Daisy CO's Rare  Buck Rogers No. U-235 Atomic Pistol with Original Box- Arguably the best looking Art Deco style ray gun ever produced. The Atomic Pistol, or U-235, was made around 1935. Produced in a copper and a blued finish, the gun was manufactured by Daisy. This gun was sold in stores as well as merchandised as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939. Length 10 inches. Copper is by far the rarer finish. The gun is in excellent C-9 Condition  with an excellent C-8+ Original Box ! One end flap is torn off but straight & complete. Spark has long since expired but gun still produces a nice pop when fired. SOLD

1950's Japan Linemar CO's Robot AKA Golden Robot with Original Box - Classic Block headed robot very similar in design to the sought after powder robots. The golden robot holds his own as a highly desirable robot for any advanced collection. Movement via pins under the feet with swinging arms & lighted eyes. Must own classic & one of the epitome of  Vintage Japanese designs excellent C-9 condition with it's Rare C-8 Original Box !  Functions as it should. Don't miss out ! SOLD

1950's Japan SY CO's Mego Man Rare litho'd ear version with Original Box- This diminutive little fellow was the inspiration for what Ideal would eventually manufacture & call Mr. Machine from the 60's & 70's .This hard to find wind up toy moves forward, rings bell & opens & closes his mouth. All tin construction that has some excellent litho details as shown on the body. There were several variations of this robot & all are highly sought after. Unit shown on left is the actual toy The robot is in Very Good C-8.5 condition with only some minor paint rubs & minor tarnishing on the bell. Available now for only SOLD

1960's Japan MT CO's rare Space Trip with Original Box- Similar in size & scope to the Terra lune , the Space trip has an illuminated rotating color wheel that propells the tin litho rocket style cars around the track. Beautiful period space lithography. Simply a must have for the space toy & robot enthusiast !  In Excellent C-8+ condition with his C-7.0 Original Box (Box has an end flap missing & a tear on a side flap)  See auction Page 2 for detailed pictures Functions as it should. SOLD

1960's Japan ST CO's High Wheel Robot with Reproduction Box- Here's a very attractive & tough to find High wheel robot . Finished in a deep gloss black with multiple spinning color gear wheels mounted behind a clear chest panel. All tin body with plastic hands. Telescoping antenna & key wound sparking action . The toy is in excellent C-9.0 condition  & functions as it should . Comes with an awesome repro box lid. SOLD

1950's Japan MT CO's Rare Friction Space Tank with Reproduction Box-  rare version with White astronaut driver. Toy works well. Clean & bright litho except for a few oxidized spots in one corner. Beautiful reproduction of the Original Box-


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