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1950's Japan Yonezawa CO's VERY SCARCE Original Green Smoking Robot with Exceedingly Scarce Original Smoking Robot Version of the Crooked Letter Box-  Not in many collections The green smoking robot is one of the holy grails of modern robot collecting. Distinguished by its unusual switch ( also found on the blue smoking robot ) The robot advances forward with swinging arms, blinking lights rotating color wheel in the head & of course the famous smoking action. The back dials are also litho'd white on back & between the dials is Y Co's logo unlike the later version Linemar Embossed logo. This particular example is in outstanding C-9+ condition with its Scarce C-9 Original Box. If you notice closely the box says smoking robot which is a SCARCE version as well as most boxes of this type are called smoking spaceman. The toy looks & functions like new., Only a few small cracks in the dome & a minor spot in the battery compartment keep this toy from being a ten !  DISPLAY Only

1950'S Japan Linemar CO's Scarce Domed Easel Back Robot with Reproduction  Box- By far the rarest of the Easel back series robots This is the scarce Domed Battery operated version. This version has some of the best abstract machinery details ever litho'd on a robot . & on an incredibly petite package to boot ! The toy is in excellent C-9+ condition with an awesome repro box ! The litho is very bright & clean no flaws !!! . The toy operates perfectly via remote control .  This is a rare opportunity to add a highly desirable scarce robot & box to your advanced collection!  SOLD

1950's Japan Y CO's Super Scarce Patrol Robot Mint with Original Box!  - Unbelievable find ! We actually Hired James Bond to sneak in the Kitahara Museum & sneak out one of his Prized Robots. The One of a Kind Patrol Robot with it's Previously never seen before Original Box. Legend has it that Yonezawa Had the Box designers Fly Kamikaze Missions right after producing this one of a kind box & then it was stored in a vault for 40 years until Kitahara sold his 2 first born in exchange for the box under the stipulations no one could ever see the box including himself !!! He was led blindfolded to the vault where seeing eye dogs successfully led him to his own museum vault where then the box was safely stowed ! That is until now where By loan of her Majesty's top agent 007 we were able to extract the box & toy !!  Excellent C-9+ condition with C-9+ Original Box. All functions perform flawlessly !

1950's US Marx CO's Rare Color Version of the Electric Robot & Son with Original Box- One of the staples of many robot collections, the electric robot possesses many art deco design cues in a Bakelite type plastic finish. The silver brown color shown on left is much more difficult to find than the more common red & black version. This toy is extremely tough to find with the son in this color variation & with his original light bulb eyes ! Excellent C-9.0 condition with a C-8 Original Box. Functions as it should & looks superb. You can purchase the toy  for only SOLD

1950's Japan Daiya CO's Space Conqueror with Reproduction box- One of the Very Desirable vintage astronauts . The Blue Space conqueror is arguable the most attractive of the 3 color versions. Certainly his box is the most graphic. The toy is all tin with the astronauts head under dome. Advances forward , raises his illuminated gun & fires. The detailed oxygen tanks at rear houses the battery compartment. This particular example is in excellent C-8.5+ condition & comes with a nice reproduction box. Functions as he should. These are very difficult to find in this type of condition . Available for only SOLD

1950's Japan Yonezawa's SCARCE Space Robot Car with Original Box- The scarce! SPACE ROBOT CAR This is quite possibly the #1 Space Robot vehicle of all time !!! Even more so than the famous space patrol car from griff's collection. The toy operates perfectly with great actions. The actions including bump & go also the robot turns his head from side to side, Guns shoot with yellow tin inserts that come in & out all while the dome conceals twin colored rotating lights. This is an unbeatable combination of battery operated actions with tremendous detailed lithography & of course the loose connection to robby the robot !  As for rarity 10 being the most rare this toy is rated a 10 in Don Hultzmans guide ! The toy is in excellent C 8.0 condition with a C-7 Original Box ! SOLD

1950's Japan Yonezawa CO's Scarce Jupiter Robot with scarce Original Box- Presenting the scarce Jupiter Robot. A clever union of Mr. Mercury & Mr. Robot produced this seldom seen piece. A beautiful example in near mint condition with a scarce box. Beautiful orange color with beautiful litho details grace the body while the Mr. Robot head adds to the mechanical presence. Walks forward via one button remote with swinging arms & rotating mechanism in the head. Display only !

1960's Spain Rico CO's Rare Pepo with Original Box- This is a rare Giant 2 Ft Plus Robot made in spain & tough to find . A robot just like this can be seen in Brian Morans battery toys. This robot is made from both tin & plastic. Chest & face panel are tin litho while the yellow & orange parts are plastic. Advances forward via remote control with alternating blinking lights on the chest & head. very fun & a very cute robot. In excellent  C-9 condition with its C-8 Original Box Some minor waves on chest ( common to this toy ) but everything is bright & shiny & works like a top. SOLD

1950's Japan Rare Space Explorer Robot with a Reproduction Box- Hard to find battery powered vintage robot. Finished in a litho'd brown tinplate accented by blue & red highlights. Operates by opening from collapsed position, extending arms & head  while walking forward. The eyes also flash & the front screen drops down to reveal an almost holographic type panel insert depicting an astronaut pilot. Extremely fun to watch! This toy is very hard to find in perfect operational condition as this one is. This also happens to be a rare version of the brown without a button on the head ! The robot overall is in excellent C-8.5  condition with a great repro Box.  SOLD

1950's Japan Nomura CO's Rare Zoomer Robot with a Nice Reproduction Box- This is the harder to find blue version with the lens eyes. Very desirable primitive style vintage robot. Walks with lights & that hollow empty gaze that has so endeared so many collectors to this diminutive robot. The toy is in excellent C-9 condition & comes with a nice reproduction box. Functions as he should Retractable antenna mounted n back . Great piece for any robot collection!

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