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1960's Japan MT CO's Scarce Robot Mighty 8 with Reproduction Box- Scarce Battery Operated painted & lithographed tin robot. Seldom seen & commands a premium for advanced collectors. The robot walks forward while the arms move back & forth but the key feature is the delightful magic color kaleidoscopic color wheel that has a swirling effect in the chest area. It has been speculated that this robot came in 2 shades of color. This one happens to be the lighter charcoal shade similar to the one from the Griffith collection. This particular example is in very good C-8 condition with a Reproduction box. Works fine , eyes have some light spots.  


1960's Japan Alp CO's Rare Rocket Man in Scarce Original Box- Here is an outstanding example of the rare Rocket Man with his scarce Original Box. This is the one of 3 robots in the series & is very distinctive among the three being the only remote control version & also with 2 spring mounted rockets. Walks with swinging arms , lighted head & the robot actually shoots the rockets. An outstanding toy to watch & in excellent C-9 condition with its C-8 Original box also the Original Rockets & the Original antenna as well ! Robot functions as it should. The head lifts back to reveal the astronaut underneath. Remote is in excellent condition & has original battery paper. SOLD

1950's Japan Sankei Co's Sparkling Mike Robot - This Robot is  very similar to Robby the Roving Robot & the Sankei Television Robot. The main distinguishing feature is the blue and white cross-hair design. When Wound the Robot emits Sparks from the Chest. This example is in good C-7+ Condition . The key is not included . SOLD

1950's Japan T&N CO's Scarce Musical Drummer Robot with a Scarce Original Box - The rarest of the primitive series. The musical drummer robot is highly sought after by high end collectors & with good reason as this scarce robot is seldom offered for sale.  Actions include drumming , walking (albeit clumsily as most primitives do) as well as lighted eyes & a blinking chest. The toy is corrosion free with clean bright litho & an excellent remote. The toy is in excellent C-9 + Original Condition with an excellent & Scarce C-7.5 original Box....Near mint Original Remote & Original Drum ! Drum bottom has some minor tape repair..not at all visible This is a Real Gem to add to any high end robot collection . Don't Miss out....won't last long !!

1950's Japan Asakusa CO's SCARCE Thunder Robot with a scarce Reproduction of the original Box- . Unlike any robot design, the thunder resembles a large head that stalks menacingly & destroys everything in it's path ! The box art is among the best ever made & actually depicts the toy in an accurate fashion. The reproduction box that comes with the toy was created from a near perfect original source box. Actions include walking, stopping & raising the omnipotent hand guns while the antenna revolves. Actual toy shown. Nice excellent C-8.5 with a repro box.  Antenna is a well made reproduction. Functions as it should. A FANTASTIC TOY & An ICON for Robot Collectors ! SOLD

1990's Japan Osaka Tin Toy CO's reproduction of the famous Rosko Astronaut with repro box- If I had to pick the top 10 astronauts of all time this guy would definitely rank. This near perfect copy of the Rosko Astronaut is finished in the desirable blue color. Unit walks with swinging arms holding his beeping space "walkie talkie" (who invented that name ???) If you are lucky enough to own an original in this condition with a box you would have a 3-4K piece. Since the majority of us will not be able to find such a treasure this is an excellent way to add this desirable piece in perfect
C-10 w/C-9 box for a fraction of the cost of an Original SOLD

1950's Japan TN CO's  SCARCE Rare Silver  Mechanized Robot with Rare Original Box-Actual Salesman's sample (cragstan) of the Scarce Silver Robby . Toy used for display purpose to buyers only. 100% Original Dome , No cracks & still retains Original Screw on back of dome , Hands also 100% Original with some minor curling from sitting unmolested in his box for 50 years. Stamped Japan Underneath to verify the Originality & has the push pin battery latches, the only style used on original silver Robby's . A real historic find & great opportunity for any collector ! excellent  C-9 condition with it's C-7.5 original box. Walks with lights, spinning antennas & moving pistons. Outstanding Toy !! Scroll down our Auction Page 1 to see more detailed photo's

1950's Japan Daiya's Cragstan Astronaut with a scarce reproduction box- This has to be the most desirable battery operated astronaut ever made. Boogaert's book devoted 3 pages to this awesome unit. A beautiful & large 14" the astronaut is finished in the very rare red color. The toy is a rare find & seldom available in any kind of decent condition. The litho details especially in the face area are incredible. There was a version made with a young boy's head (made of rubber) under the dome which although rarer, doesn't quite carry the appeal of this serious looking fellow. In addition to being tall it is also a very wide unit which gives it a very substantial look & feel. Actions include walking, arms lifting gun & gun firing. An outstanding addition to the advanced collection. Has the usual tiny stress crack on side of dome & light scratches.  SOLD

1950's Japan Y CO's  Rare Space Easel Back Robot - Tough to find in nice condition.  The actual name is Mechanical Robot. This Robot  has articulated arms that dangle  and a metal cup acting as a spacer.  A coiled antenna runs across the top of his head. This example is in very good C-8+ condition although sometimes one of his arms can fall off as the spacer gets loose over time . 100% complete w/nice shiny antenna

1950's Japan KO CO's Rare Spaceman with Rare Reproduction Box- Nice working example of this desirable & rare 50's astronaut. Finished in a light blue & has a moving mouth that operates when the toy is in motion. Much more difficult to find than the red version. This version has nicer lithography details as well. Operates Via crank action. Minor Crazing & some light scratching but overall a Good C-8+with an Excellent reproduction of the Rare original Box example of a very rare toy. Functions as it should. This toy is available now for only SOLD
1950's Japan Kanto CO's Rare Cycling Robot with Original Box- Very charming & Scarce Wind up celluloid robot on a tin tricycle. Colorful & noisy ! Excellent Period Box art. The Robot is in excellent C-9 condition with C-8+ original box. Small Stress Crack on fender that is common & barely noticiable. Most came from factory this way. Works fine . Detailed photo's on auction page 4 . Don't miss out !!


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