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1950's Japan Aoshin CO's Scarce Tremendous Mike with Scarce Original Box- Classic skirted body with Block head. Visor style eyes & blocky details. One of the scarcest robots to date. Especially in this color variation. Seldom available , especially with box . Skirted form powered by key wind mechanism. Antenna at head rotates while sparks are emitted behind the red gel . Robot travels forward while arms swing at sides. There are several schools of thought as to which is the rarest color version but over the last several years there has been 2 orange version but none of these color versions available. Either is prized in their own right. Robot is in excellent condition with only minor scratches. SOLD

1960's Japan Rosko CO's  Astronaut with Original box- If I had to pick the top 10 astronauts of all time this guy would definitely rank in the top 5. This is an excellent Original Rosko Astronaut which is finished in the Rare Red color. He walks with swinging arms holding his beeping space "walkie talkie" (who invented that name ???) Be lucky & own an original in this quality excellent C-9 condition with a good C-7 original box. Works just as he should. Has Original Rosko sticker still attached. One side flap of box was replaced SOLD

1960's Japan SH CO's Rare Original Dino Robot with Original  Box- This is a rare Original Dino robot. Hard to find robot that functions by advancing forward, stopping at which point the head splits open to reveal the godzilla style monster underneath that opens its illuminated mouth & roars. Very fun to watch ! Tin construction with mainly red litho details. In excellent C-9 condition with an Excellent Original  box in the desirable english version. The toy functions fine  SOLD

1950's Japan Yoshiya CO's Mr Chief Robot  w/Repro Box - Difficult Robot to find that is seldom offered for sale. The example offered here is in good C-8.0 condition bright with an excellent battery compartment & a nice reproduction box  This example has a few minor flaws like some chips in the dome but under the hat lid & not visible when displayed and has had some minor color touch up but displays great & runs like a champ with lots of smoke to set off those detectors !  Classic skirt form finished in red & silver with litho details.  All & all an affordable way to add a rare robot & will make a wonderful addition to that high end robot & space toy collection . This rare Mr. Chief  is available now for only SOLD

1990's Japan Osaka Tin Toy's Repro Mr Atomic Robot with Original Box- an outstanding Reproduction of the scarce Mr. Atomic. An original in a mint Box is valued up to 25K but this identical reproduction can be yours for a fraction of that cost. Robot in mint C-10 condition with a C-10 repro box.This is the Japanese made version by Osaka in the desirable Blue version. Robot operates perfectly & will truly delight you with its operation & enhance your collection. SOLD

1950's Japan Ichiko CO's Scarce Space Patrol
Friction Vehicle with Scarce Original Box-
Very desirable & scarce all tin space vehicle with pilot under solid helmet holding his omnipotent laser gun. 2 tone in a blue/teal with beautiful space lithography
depicting saucers, planets , rockets & stars.
As 50's as these toys get. Friction powered that
also bounces the drivers gun hand up & down.
The toy is in Excellent C-9+ Condition with C-8 SCARCE Original Box !  Shiny Chrome !
Considering this toy is rarely available ( not even
in major collections like Griffith's etc.. ) & often
in poor shape, this is an exceptional opportunity
to acquire a scarce piece. This was an Actual Cragstan Salesman's Sample Piece & UNUSED except for Display!  Will not last long !  (see detailed pictures on Auction Page 1)

1950's Japan Cragstan CO's  Astronaut with a repro box- This is the rare red version of this astronaut which is tough to find. Battery Operated this red lithographed astronaut has nice litho details. Advances forward with spinning antenna, stops & raises the gun with flashing light & ratatat sound. Very classic action. The condition is a solid C-8.0 with a great repro box lid. Some oxidized spots inside battery case & some play wear scratches evident. Some fade on right leg. Antenna is a high quality reproduction. Operates fine as it should . Overall displays very well. Antenna may be a reproduction. All & All This is a very nice example of a desirable toy. SOLD

1960's Japan ALP CO's Television Spaceman Robot with Original Box- A staple in any robot &/or Space toy collection The TV spaceman has outstanding & entertaining actions that include walking forward with swinging arms while the eyes rotate & a revolving space scene is depicted in the chest ! This is the early all tin version with tin antenna outstanding C-9 condition with C-8 Original Box Functions perfectly. Don't miss out on one of the last affordable great vintage Japanese robots. SOLD

1950's Japan KO CO's Rare Space Whale with a great reproduction of the Original Box -   Works via wind up motor. All tin with outstanding litho details depicting pilots & space passengers plus planets & stars. The Whale wobbles along while mouth opens & closes. The flint has long since expired. Minor dings . Revolving dome displays all tin astronaut as the vehicle hovers along. Very fun to watch. Very tough to find piece in excellent C-9 condition . Even the whisker tips are very nice  SOLD

1960's Japan Y CO's Talking Robot with Reproduction Box - Hard to find robot that is both friction & battery powered. The talking robot moves via friction however batteries powers the talking mechanism. The robot states 4 very amusing phrases. You really have to hear it to appreciate it. You can actually hear the robots phrases at the robot hut  (use our links page to find it )  The robot is in excellent C-8+ condition with a very nice repro box . All of the robots functions work including talking mechanism & the toy is all original including the battery compartment door which is hard to fin intact on this guy.  Minor factory touch up on rear near the shoulders. The battery compartment is spotless. You would be hard pressed to find another example this nice. SOLD


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